Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gottscheer Volkfest 6/03/12

The first event after the crowning was the Gottscheer Volkfest at Plattduetsche Park in Long Island.  This is the area of Germany where Kirsten's (the queen) family is from, so the event really meant a lot to her.  I arrived with my parents and had my first "You're the princess?  You get in free!" experience.  I will miss that next year.  We walked through the crowded event and spotted Kirsten with her parents.  I felt better seeing a familiar face and "suited up" in my tiara and sash.  Shortly after, Kyra arrived and the selling and picture-taking began.

Kyra, Me, Kirsten in front of a German flag at the beginning of the event

Getting some instructions on selling flowers from Connie, one of the Chairwomen of the parade
Junior Princess Brooke and I went around together.  I love that her broken arm is from playing hockey - such a cool princess

We had a chance to enjoy the music and festivities too.  It was the first experience selling flowers, but almost everyone was excited to buy one.
Possibly the coolest thing that happened that day was a run-in with an elderly man sitting near the band (the Fohrer Musik Freunde - Foehr is the island where my Opa is from and where he met my Omi.  Seeing them at events was always awesome).  After doing my sales pitch, the man asked me if he knew me from somewhere.  I let him rattle off some ideas, mentioned some of my own, and then he asked if I was Friesian.  I must have looked at him a little strangely because he just went on, "I knew you were, I can see it".  He looked Friesian too, so I took a shot and asked if he was from Föhr - he is!  We talked some about the island and he reminisced about his childhood.  It was really a wonderful surprise.

A little boy in lederhosen dancing to the Foehrer Musik Freunde

The Foehrer Musik Freunde perfoming

Children in the Erste Gottscheer Dance group
9/11 Memorial in the bar
Then it was time for the parade!  This was a little strange and not really expected.  We lined up and marched through the park with other groups.  It was fun, but I'll admit it was a little strange since I've never seen anything like this before.

Getting ready for the "parade"

The "parade"

Old and new Miss Gottschee and kids from the dance group

Sophia, me, Kirsten, and Kyra behind the former miss Gotschees - the one in front is the mother of the new one

Band leading the "parade"

Us behind former Miss Gottschees

Me and Kyra in the "parade"
Then the parade ended and the various groups were presented.  We were introduced, but we were secondary to the crowning of Miss Gottschee 2012.  It was a great time and clearly what everyone came to see.  It was so wonderful to see so many people so proud of their heritage and having a great time together.
Us standing with Lars and Herb

The kids were adorable

Crowning of Miss Gottschee 2012 Leora by Miss Gottsche 2011 Dorothy

A new Miss Gottschee is crowned!

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