Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ringing the Opening Bell at the NYSE - Sept 6, 2012

Another busy and exciting day as Princess!  I woke up around 6am at my parent's house (closer to NYC) to get ready in my gown and everything, then we hopped in the car and braved some traffic to drive into the city - to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.  My parents were great for driving me, especially because they didn't know if they'd have to wait inside - plus they got me a donut and a caramel mocha iced coffee from DD (clearly I was sleep deprived because that night I was still shaking from the caffeine).

We parked, and walked to the NYSE building.  Plenty of people stopped and stared at me in my gown, which I find strange since there are plenty of people in more outrageous outfits in the city (though maybe not near Wall St).  We saw Kirsten and her dad waiting holding her gown and then we waited...and waited.  I was getting nervous for Kirsten that she wouldn't have time to change!  The rest of the Committee and guests showed up, including one of the Grand Marshals, Norbert Schramm.  After a while, Lars Halter (Chairman of the Parade) brought us to the gate before the entrance, and got me and Kirsten in through the VIP entrance (with the door hidden in a glass wall) and up to a conference room by his office so she could change and we could "suit up".

The famous NYSE building with the German and Steuben flags added

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NYSE and Dress Preview

Tomorrow is the day that the Steuben Parade Committee goes to the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell.  In case you didn't catch that link, here it is again:  http://www.nyse.com/events/1346841243068.html

It also has a link to watch live at 9:29am - please do!  I'm really excited about this and I'll be up on the platform. It'll be a tight morning, and I'll be going straight back to school for my afternoon and evening classes right after, so if I fall asleep in class, I hope someone nudges me awake.  My morning class professor seemed excited for me and forgiving of me missing his class for this.  I'm sure this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Tomorrow is also the debut of my and Kirsten's gowns.  For anyone reading this, I thought I'd be nice and put up a preview of the gown.  I'm also just really excited because this is the fanciest dress I've had since senior prom and it's really pretty.

I especially like this picture because my cat is sprawled out in the background

So, in summary, watch the NYSE bell ringing opening tomorrow.  I'll be easy to spot - I'll be the one in the blue gown with the sash and tiara!

Gottscheer Volkfest 6/03/12

The first event after the crowning was the Gottscheer Volkfest at Plattduetsche Park in Long Island.  This is the area of Germany where Kirsten's (the queen) family is from, so the event really meant a lot to her.  I arrived with my parents and had my first "You're the princess?  You get in free!" experience.  I will miss that next year.  We walked through the crowded event and spotted Kirsten with her parents.  I felt better seeing a familiar face and "suited up" in my tiara and sash.  Shortly after, Kyra arrived and the selling and picture-taking began.

Kyra, Me, Kirsten in front of a German flag at the beginning of the event

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy busy (and thanks for putting up with me)

Just a warning - this is somewhat of a "woe is me" post.
I think I'm getting an ulcer...seriously.  I can't remember the last time I've done nothing.  School started 2 and a half weeks ago.  Whoever said "they bore you to death" 3L year of law school was definitely lying.

This summer has been awesome, but as is apparent from my lack of blogging, very busy.  Almost every weekend has been a German-American event...and those that weren't were the few free times to spend with friends and family.  I was working at the Clinic in the law school all summer and got a part-time Law Clerk job in July, both of which kept my weekdays full.  Now, with the bar looming, prep classes are starting this weekend and time management is a necessity.

I'm sitting up right now texting one of the Chairwomen of the Parade trying to figure out if I can schedule an event Thursday morning in NYC and still make my afternoon class.  And I'm finishing some reading for tomorrow's class.

Thank goodness I have so many people in my life who keep me sane and do what they can to help.  My friends are amazing - they listen to my kvetching and do what they can to keep me smiling and help me out.  My boyfriend is unbelieveable - he's come to events, made dinner so I have food, talked me through a lot of stressed out moments, and he's inconveniencing himself a lot to make the parade.  My family is absolutely wonderful - my mom has made almost every event this summer even on crutches for a few weeks and she's picking up my gown for me so I don't have to miss class, my dad has moved his work schedule to make sure he's supporting me, and my brother has somehow found time to be there in person.

Now that I have pictures, I can actually post about events.  I want to get a few things in before the parade in 10 days!  Look for something tomorrow!